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Are you working with young singers in your studio, choir or classroom? We are happy to share great teaching ideas, resources and inspiration. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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Fun and useful downloads and printables for your teaching studio, choir or classroom.

FULL VOICE Podcast for Voice Teachers - Great interviews about all things happening in your teaching studio right now. 

Articles and strategies for voice teachers working with young singers and families.



Our FULL VOICE  (mini) Online Course - Working with Young Singers in Private Voice Lessons is now available. This webinar is for music teachers who are working with singers 5 to 12 years old. 

Includes four pre-recorded videos, free samples, discount codes and an online forum to ask questions.

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The FULL VOICE Workbook Series is a comprehensive vocal music curriculum for the young singer. Young singers love the hands-on workbooks. Parents and Teachers love the feedback. The FULL VOICE Workbook is the perfect supplement to your student's repertoire studies. Would you like to try them with your students for FREE?


NEW! 2018 Teacher Sample Package download. Try our resources with your students and see how the FULL VOICE resources can compliment your teaching studio. This sample download includes 10 free lessons, and fun colorful activity pages! 


New! Voice Teacher Activity Boards

What are they? Fun, colorful warm up and music reading pages for teachers working with young singers. Activity boards can be used with FULL VOICE Student Workbooks or on their own.

I bought this (Vocal Warm Ups Activity Boards) and absolutely LOVE it! And so do my students. It's perfect!  Amanda Finch Broadfoot, Creative director, Making Light Productions, Tallahassee, Florida

Available printed on glossy cards stock or as a printable download. 

 The 2018 full voice teacher guide will available soon! 

The 2018 full voice teacher guide will available soon! 

Coming Soon! 

The new FULL VOICE Teacher Guide will be a printed soft cover book. We will be publishing this voice teacher resource on Amazon to reach our growing global audience. It includes:

  • simple and effective teaching strategies that you can use immediately.
  • helpful strategies for getting started with new students and first lessons.
  • multi-sensory warm-up activities for singers of all abilities.
  • MORE singing games for beginner singers to help develop independent singing skills from the very first lesson.
  • NEWFULL VOICE Small group lesson curriculum and planning.
  • NEW! Age appropriate repertoire recommendations for young singers.

Save time and money with the New Teacher Welcome Package. A wonderful investment in your teaching studio and for your students.
Save 30% and get all four FULL VOICE workbooks, flash cards and our colorful activity boards from Vocal Warm-Ups and Technical Exercises for Kids! and Sight Singing Superhero. Our resources are always in stock!


New Podcast - #37 The Young Singing Larynx: Interview with Dana Lentini

Our latest podcast Voice Teacher and pedagogue,  Dana Lentini shares her passion and detailed research about teaching young children to sing. She discusses the Young Singing Larynx and how it changes through childhood and puberty. Her recent study addresses many of the "myths" about working with young singers in the private teaching studio.

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Interview in NATS InterNos

Check out Nikki's interview in the NATS InterNos Fall 2017 publication:
"Yes, They are Ready: Teaching Very Young Singers"