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Are you working with young singers in your studio, choir or classroom? We are happy to share great teaching ideas, resources and inspiration. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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FULL VOICE Podcast for Voice Teachers - Great interviews about all things happening in your teaching studio right now. 

Articles and strategies for voice teachers working with young singers and families.


The FULL VOICE Workbook Series is a comprehensive vocal music curriculum for the young singer. Young singers love the hands-on workbooks. Parents and Teachers love the feedback. The FULL VOICE Workbook is the perfect supplement to your student's repertoire studies. Download the first 3 lessons from every workbook  - FREE!  Your FULL VOICE Welcome Package is waiting for you. 

NEW! The Vocal Warm-Ups and Technical Exercises for Kids 

Digital Download ebook

With 20 colourful, fun and educational activity pages, your singers will be singing and smiling in every lesson. (Saving you hours of lesson planning!)  Developed for singers ages 6 and up, each activity page includes oodles of fun exercises and activities to engage your students. 

Activities include: singing tonic sol-fa, scales, triads, arpeggios, chromatic scales, tongue twisters, dynamics, articulations and MORE! 

Includes a studio/classroom license

All of this is delivered instantly in a downloadable (includes a printer ink friendly version) ebook with a license to print unlimited copies for your students in private studio or classroom...forever!  


NEWLY UPDATED! The 2016 FULL VOICE Teacher eGuide
This is THE Voice Teacher Handbook for teachers working with young singers. This fun, colourful and interactive 75 page digital download has everything you need to provide incredible vocal music lessons. ON SALE NOW.

6-Minute Masterclass (video)

Introduction to Tonic sol-fa

This quick video is about how to get started with young singers with simple exercises using tonic sol-fa flashcards. This tutorial includes games and activities that get them singing (and smiling!) in your lessons. Fun activities that develop confident singing skills from the very first lesson. 

New Podcast - #31 ACT IT OUT! Interview with Nate Plummer

Our latest podcast is about coaching more acting into our student's performances. Our expert guest, Nate Plummer is a professional actor, singer and music educator that specializes in Theatre for Youth. 

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