Vocal Warm-Ups & Technical Exercises (Digital eBook)

20 fun, colorful and educational activity pages that make the warm up part of the lesson so much FUN!  Developed for singers ages 6 and up, each activity board offers fun exercises and activities to engage and challenge your students.

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Activities include: singing tonic sol-fa, scales, triads, arpeggios, chromatic scales, tongue twisters, dynamics, articulations and MORE! 

Teacher tip: Our little students are visual learners. They need to SEE and hear voice exercises!  

I bought this and absolutely LOVE it! And so do my students. It's perfect."  A. Broadfoot, Creative director, Making Light Productions, Tallahassee, Florida

Sight Singing Superhero (Digital eBook) 

Helping our kiddos with their music reading skills has never been more fun! This download Includes 22 pages of colourful, quick and easy music exercises that help singers develop music reading skills. The digital download also includes printer ink friendly versions for more cost efficient printing. 

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This fun resource breaks down musical concepts and includes:

  • tonic Sol-fa (moveable DO)
  • note naming drills
  • rhythm reading (clapping & counting)
  • interval identification
  • 2-bar sight singing drills
  • flash cards (for fun games and activities)

AND...This product includes a studio/classroom license, which means you can print copies for your students...forever. 


FULL VOICE Teacher eGuide (eBook) 75 pages

The Newly Updated Teacher eGuide is THE Voice Studio Handbook for teachers working with young singers. This is a colourful, 75 page digital download that includes inspiring articles, professional teacher tips, fun flash card printables, curriculum guides and MORE. 

BONUS This pdf includes links to educational podcasts and other teaching resources.
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