FAQ'S about the FULL VOICE Workbooks

Why is there no repertoire included in the FULL VOICE Workbooks?
Choosing age and ability appropriate repertoire is one of the most challenging issues for any vocal music teacher. The only person who can choose great songs for your singers is YOU. We also wanted to develop a resource that was free of any musical genre biases, and let teachers and students with their own unique musical preferences get full value from the workbooks.

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Why do the FULL VOICE Workbooks use tonic sol-fa? (moveable DO)?
We feel that tonic sol-fa (solfege) is one of the most useful and effective learning tools for singers of all ages. Using tonic sol-fa instead of teaching by rote (ear) helps singers develop confidence right from the very first lessons as they learn to sing unaccompanied (rather than singing along with the piano and/or the teacher) There are endless tonic sol-fa games and activities to engage your singers. Moveable DO establishes the concept of relative pitch. The visual nature of this system helps singers to understand basic to advance theory and ear training concepts. Tonic sol-fa is not just for your young singers. Vocal examination and assessment programs encourage the use of this system to assist singers in the ear and sight singing part of the exams. Most post secondary music programs also use this system.

Can I use the FULL VOICE  Workbooks with adult students?
Yes. Many teachers do. Keep in mind that the workbooks were researched and developed, (and tested, reorganized, focus grouped, tested again) for use with young singers. So the pacing of the workbooks may or may not be optimal for your adult students. (If you are working with adults - we recommend starting with level One - not the introductory level.) 

Can I photocopy the books for my students?
My friend, you are far too busy to be copying workbooks for students. It is not cost efficient at all. Workbooks are not reproducible and your students will take pride in having their own workbook. The Vocal Warm-ups and Technical Exercises for kids! and the Sight Singing Superhero include a reproducible license so you CAN make copies for your students if you wish. (Full Voice workbooks are now available on Amazon worldwide and are eligible for free shipping and Amazon Prime!)

Do you have a licensing Program?
We no longer offer any licensing for schools or choirs. Sight Singing Superhero and Vocal Warm-ups and Technical Exercises for Kids include a studio/classroom license. The student workbooks are best suited for private students. Private students should be encouraged to obtain their own workbook.  

What will happen to me if I photocopy your workbooks?
Karma. Nasty, uncomfortable itching and serious life long issues with guilt. 

Do the FULL VOICE Workbooks help prepare students for vocal examinations/assessments?
Absolutely! However, teachers need to refer the official examination syllabus to make sure that their students are properly prepared. We are not officially affiliated with any organizations.

Are the FULL VOICE Workbooks only for students studying classical music?
HECK NO! The Full Voice Workbooks compliment any and all types of music. Pop, Musical Theatre, Country...whatever! 

What is a good age to start singing lessons?
We encourage private voice lessons as young as five and six years old.  The introductory level Workbook was specifically developed for this age group. However, Voice Teachers who work with young singers are really special and sometimes hard to find. (It really depends on the teaching philosophy of the teacher.)  Young singers need the right teacher and enormous parental support - but they are ready for vocal lessons!                   


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I have more questions...can I contact you?
Yes please! You can email us at thefullvoice@gmail.com or call the FULL VOICE MUSIC office at 905-297-0284. We are in the office from 10AM to 2PM Monday to Friday. (And sometimes Saturdays too...) Or you can fill in this handy form >>>>>