Finding AWESOME Songs for Young Singers

Here at the FULL VOICE office. We get a lot of emails and phone calls. (We love hearing from teachers - so this is not a complaint!) Sometimes it's inquiries about the workbooks or questions about our resources. We are always happy to help! The most popular questions however - are about repertoire. What songs would you recommend for young singers?

Finding new, appropriate, repertoire for students can be a chore!

Finding new, appropriate, repertoire for students can be a chore!

Finding great repertoire is always a challenge. If you haven't listened to our podcast Are You In A Repertoire Rut - check it out. I think you may find it insightful and perhaps helpful. I talk about some of the most common repertoire issues (like when kids want to sing inappropriate songs or when students and teachers can't relate to the music.) 

Keeping on top of new music, new singers, new musicals is a full time job. There is so much wonderful music out there and yet - how many of you are assigning the same old songs? (Castle on a Cloud and Part of Your World come to mind.) 

We have a series of podcasts/blog posts coming up this year about great repertoire ideas. We've lined up some expert guests to offer some ideas.  Keep in mind that to truly find a great song for your singers - you must ASSESS before you ASSIGN. So only you the teacher, who knows the singer well, will be the best person to decide. 

I am so fortunate to be part of a large community of amazing music professionals. I have many friends who I ask for rep suggestions and I whether through email, over coffee or over the phone, I end up with some new ideas that work well with my singers. It doesn't have to be new either. Sometimes being re-introduced to a old standard or classic melody can bring some inspiration into your teaching day! 


What Songs Do YOU (and your students) Love?

I'm reaching out to you - What songs do you and your students enjoy? Have you discovered any new songs that are a hit in your teaching studio? Well then share it below!!! AND SHARE THIS Blog with your colleagues! 

In the comments below, Please list a song or two that you have had great success with your young singers. Please include as much information as possible including: 

  • Title / composer
  • genre
  • publisher
  • age of singer you think this is appropriate for
  • any other information you may think would be helpful for other teachers! 

All genres of music are welcome and encouraged. I am looking forward to having new ideas for my singers! So don't be shy - start sharing below!