Get everything you need to wow your students, impress your families and make lesson pacing a breeze in one fun package.

The Happy Singing Box! includes:

  • all four FULL VOICE Student Workbooks 

  • The Vocal Warm-Ups and Technical exercises for Kids! 

  • Sight Singing Superhero

  • Songbird Warm-Up Game (with bonus tongue twister page)

  • Medium sized tonic sol-fa wall cards

  • Mini tonic sol-fa flash cards (for fun singing games)

  • The FULL VOICE Teacher guide (102 pages of teaching ideas)

This box includes free shipping to Canada and the United States. So you can get started right away!


For a limited time, the Happy Singing! Teacher Box includes a
FREE copy of the Private Music Teacher Planner & Agenda
(reg. $19.95 US) A 200 page organizational tool for the busy music teacher.

This is a beautiful planner. There are bits of staff paper throughout, for writing exercises. There are a large number of student contact information sheets. There’s a page for planning at the beginning of the month, as well as one or two for reflection at the end of the month… I’m so excited to start the year with this. ~A. Black (five star Amazon review)