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We now offer licensing for classroom and choral organizations who want to use the FULL VOICE Workbooks in their vocal music program.  Supporting our licensing program allows us to continue to bring great resources to voice teachers. Please contact us if you have questions. We are here to help!   FULL VOICE Licensing Program pdf

"I like that it teaches the students how to read...taking it down to basic steps. Incorporating this for 5-10 minutes per week will greatly increase the music literacy of a vocal music program" ~ Christopher John Mientus - Beaver Dam, Wisconsin


How Does it Work?

Public and private schools or Not for profit choral organizations can purchase a 1, 2 or 5 year licence with FULL VOICE MUSIC that gives permission to the licensee to copy the FULL VOICE Workbooks in use with classroom or choral vocal programs. This licensing is not applicable to private vocal lessons. Please see the terms below:


I think this is a fantastic series and I use it with my middle school (7th and 8th) chorus and my private voice studio... My chorus students complete it upon entering the classroom and it has really helped their music literacy. 
The progression is great, I haven’t found a literacy book that I like more.
~ C. Matula - Springfield, VA
small ensemble


Licence Terms 

Subject to the terms and conditions set out in this Licence and in consideration of the payment of Licence Fee, the Licensee is granted the following non-exclusive rights, exercisable during each Licence Year(s) for which the Licence remains valid:

a)       to make, or permit the making of, Licensed Copies of the FULL VOICE Workbook Series on the School Premises or via the Secure Network;

b)       to distribute, and to permit the distribution of, Licensed Copies to School/choral Members.

Limitations and Exclusions

1. The School/Organization must own at least one original Source Copy of the FULL VOICE Workbooks. You may purchase the FULL VOICE Workbooks from any print music dealer or from our website.

2.  The Licensee must limit the number of Licensed Copies to one Licensed Copy for each School Member/chorister  in the class or group for which those Licensed Copies are intended.

3.  The Licensee must not make Licensed Copies for the purposes of individual vocal or instrumental teaching (private teaching).

4. The Licensee must not share, sell or profit from any Licensed copies.


FULL VOICE Workbook choral/classroom Licensing
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2016/17 Licensing Fees 

1 year  - $69.00
2 years - $109.00
5 years - $199.00

Step One: Download the 3 free lessons and peruse the FULL VOICE Workbooks.
Step Two: Purchase your copies of the FULL VOICE Workbooks
Step Three: Purchase the License for your awesome school or choir.
Step Four: License and Workbooks are shipped immediately.
Step Five: Happy Singing! 

Once payment for the licensing is received - your license is sent to you via email and regular post.
IF you would prefer to pay using Paypal - we can send you an invoice. Just let us know.

Please note: This is NOT a digital download of the Workbooks. Licencees must have ONE original source copy of the FULL VOICE Workbooks. 

 FULL VOICE Licensing Program pdf

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