O Christmas Tree

Seasonal singing activities, warm-ups and holiday music
for the intermediate singer.

A fun and colourful collection of seasonal singing activities for the intermediate vocalist. Features fun solo and choral arrangements and includes original holiday music by composer, Donna Rhodenizer.

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O Christmas Tree includes holiday-themed technical exercises, warm-ups and music reading activities including:

  • sight singing

  • rhythm reading

  • ear-training

  • interval challenges

  • harmony singing exercises


O Christmas Tree
introduces melodic ornamentation and demonstrates how to use them within the context of a familiar song. Using melody lines from holiday music students can learn:

  • grace notes (accaciatura)

  • leaning notes (appogiatura)

  • passing notes

  • neighbour notes (mordent)

  • slides (glissando)

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Young singers are introduced to rhythmic improvisation and jazzy swing eighths.

Students are encourage to explore creating their own rhythmic variations using fun holiday music.

Downloadable backing tracks are available for these activities making lessons and home practicing FAR more enjoyable. (YAY!)

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O Christmas Tree also includes thoughtful arrangements of sacred and secular music for soloists and ensembles.

Featuring the arrangements by Mim Adams and Donna Rhodenizer.
All the songs in this resource are available as single-song downloads (Registered reproducible masters) for live performances.

  • Christmas Voices

  • O Christmas Tree (SSA)

  • Christmas Pudding

  • Deo

  • It’s Christmas Time

  • Silent Night (SSAB)

  • O Little Town of Bethlehem (SSA)

The purchase of this book includes online access to piano/band accompaniment tracks. (yes, you can download them!)


This book plants trees.
We have partnered with One Tree Planted and support reforestation around the world.

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