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Podcast Pre-Interview Information

Hello friend and colleague! Thank you for being a guest on the FULL VOICE PODCAST.
I am thrilled that you are sharing your awesomeness with our community!

Please read the following guidelines for the best interview and fill out the form below so I have all the correct information to share on the podcast page(s).

About the FULL VOICE Podcast

We share teaching strategies and techniques, business tips, repertoire ideas, vocal warm-ups and exercises and more. Although we do focus on teachers working with young singers, most teachers work with singers of all ages and we address that too. Our guests are professional music educators, business experts, composers, and health and wellness specialists.

Our Mission

To share great resources for the private voice teacher. Through our interviews we feature fantastic professionals and their teaching skills, services or products, and we bring together a community of inspired teachers. We connect listeners to teaching ideas, new songs, growth mindset and (hopefully) make teaching easier!

About our Audience

Our global audience is primarily professional voice teachers (choral and classroom teachers as well). Our audience is roughly United States (50%) Canada (14%) Australia (9%) United Kingdom (8%) and then India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore…etc.


The podcast is audio-only but for the sake of easy conversation we’ll do the interview in a Skype video call. **please be sure to update your Skype app before the interview. (Those updates can take up to 20 minutes!)

To avoid my voice coming through on your side of the recording, please plan on using headphones for your audio and optionally a headset mic for your input. Please be aware of any background noise that can affect the quality of the sound. (fans, a/c units, pets, etc)

It's also helpful if you can please shut down all other applications apart from from Skype and your browser, and close other browser tabs/windows. Other devices in your home that may be using the internet connection (someone streaming a movie or uploading a large file…) can cause internet connectivity issues. Please make sure you have all the internet juice at your disposal.

Confused? Not sure if you have the right equipment? - contact sound engineer and producer Shawn Trotter at
- He can answer all your questions!

About your interview

Interview outline:

  1. I want to give you an opportunity to properly introduce yourself and give a quick overview about your teaching studio. Feel free to share how long you have been teaching and what students you most enjoy working with.

  2. Then we dive into your topic, product or focus. Please fill out the form below to help me ask the right questions!

  3. Warm-Up of the Week is a new feature where we ask guest to share a vocal activity that they use in their studio.
    Anything goes!

Don’t be Nervous! This is just a casual chat between friends!


Name *
Please provide a 1-paragraph bio which we'll use as the basis for introducing you on the podcast and the show notes webpage.
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a brief description of the singing exercise you would like to share.