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2017/18 FULL VOICE Teacher Welcome Package
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FULL VOICE Teacher Welcome Package

The FULL VOICE Teacher welcome package saves you time and money! Get everything you need to wow your students in one fun package.

If you work with young singers, this is an invaluable investment in your teaching studio! 

The New Teacher welcome package includes:

  • All 4 Full Voice Workbooks
  • Vocal Warm-Ups &Technical Exercises for Kids! (Activity Boards)
  • Sight Singing Superhero (Activity Boards)
  • Tonic Sol-fa mini flash cards
  • Chromatic tonic sol-fa mini flash cards
Chromatic Tonic Sol-fa Flash Cards (5 Pack)
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Mini Tonic sol-fa card - 5 pack
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Mini Tonic Sol-fa Cards 5 Packs

Flash cards are a fantastic learn tool for all young singers. The tonic sol-fa cards compliment the classroom or private lesson with endless games and activities for singers to develop confident singing skills.

Mini "Notes" Dictation Books

Students of all ages LOVE the super cute mini dictation books. 
Get one for FREE when you purchase the 4 pack. 
Every 4 x 5.5in  "Notes" Book has:

  • 32 pages
  • both lined and manuscript pages
  • 4 fun designs 

These make great gifts too!