Sight Singing is Fun!
Okay, learning to read music takes time and effort - but when you break it down into small, simple activities, include visual play-based music games and cheer your young singers to victory - It can be a fun part of a voice lesson. And your students will become sight singing superheros in no time!

This colorful resource includes 22 pages of quick and easy music exercises that help singers develop music reading skills. Activity boards are printed on glossy 8 1/2 x 11 card stock.



Sight Singing Superhero Activities:

  • tonic Sol-fa (moveable DO)
  • note naming drills
  • rhythm reading (clapping & counting)
  • interval identification
  • 2-bar sight singing drills
  • flash cards (for fun games and activities)

Check out the free sample pages from our new resource. Try them with your singers today! 

(And stop using piano methods in your singing lessons!)

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Basic Training for future Singing Superheros...


Confident Singing Skills

Sight Singing Superhero uses the tonic sol-fa (movable DO) system to helps our young singers to build their confident and independent singing skills. 

Designed for visual learners

The colorful pages and larger notation help to draw the student's eyes to the music notes on the page. 

tonic solfa drills.png
UK purple.PNG

Flashcard Fun! 

Sight Singing superhero includes mini tonic sol-fa and note naming flashcards for fun music learning activities. 

Gradual progression

Student have greater success starting with simple 2- bar sight singing drills that gradually increase in difficulty. 

flashcards pic.png
2 bar drills.png

Also available as a eBook

Sight Singing Superhero is available as a printed resource or a digital download with printer ink friendly pages. (Because printer ink is CRAZY expensive!)


This resource includes a studio/classroom license that allows you to print/copy these pages...forever! 


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