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Looking for a fun studio activity for the summer? Why not try a Sight Singing Superhero Studio Challenge?
We have posters and a completion chart to get your students excited to participate!

Start with confident singing skills

We use the tonic sol-fa system (Movable DO) because our young singers need a system to visualize the music. These exercises are best done without the assistance of the piano. Your singers will quickly develop confident, independent singing skills.

Sight Singing Superhero includes tonic sol-fa and note naming flashcards for fun singing games and activities.

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Rhythm Reading Skills

Feeling the beat, moving with the rhythm and clapping and counting exercises are important for young singers.

When students are confident with their rhythm reading skills then can be challenged by singing and counting rhythm exercises.

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Note Name Recognition

Note reading drills don’t need to take up an entire lesson! Simple, quick and fun note naming exercises can go a long way in helping our students with their music reading skills.

Use the note naming flashcards for more fun activities. (Great for a lesson when students need to rest the voice.)

Sight Singing Superhero (Book)
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This resource is now updated into a full color book. (44 Pages) Includes fun and easy to finish music reading exercises that help you incorporate sight singing into a vocal lesson including:

  • tonic Sol-fa (movable DO)

  • note naming drills

  • rhythm reading (clapping & counting)

  • interval identification

  • 2-bar sight singing drills

  • flash cards (for fun games and activities)

This resource includes a studio/classroom license that allows you to copy these pages...forever! 

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Basic Training for future Singing Superheros...


Confident Singing Skills

We use the tonic sol-fa system (Movable DO) because our young singers need a system to visualize the music. They also need to move! This helps them quickly become confident singers.

Designed for visual learners

The colorful pages and larger notation help to draw the student's eyes to the music notes on the page. 

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Flashcard Fun! 

Sight Singing superhero includes mini tonic sol-fa and note naming flashcards for fun music learning activities. 

Gradual progression

Student have greater success starting with simple 2- bar sight singing drills that gradually increase in difficulty. 

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