Helping our students with their music reading skills has never been more fun! This colorful resource includes 22 pages of quick and easy music exercises that help singers develop music reading skills. 

Sight Singing Superhero (Activity Boards)
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Sight Singing Super Hero (Digital eBook)


This fun resource breaks down musical concepts and includes:

  • tonic Sol-fa (moveable DO)
  • note naming drills
  • rhythm reading (clapping & counting)
  • interval identification
  • 2-bar sight singing drills
  • flash cards (for fun games and activities)

Check out the free sample pages from our new resource. Try them with your singers today! (And stop using piano methods in your singing lessons!)



Sight Singing Superhero (Activity Boards)

Bright, colorful and fun. Vocal Activity boards allow teachers to inject some music reading activities quickly into a vocal lesson.

Printed on card stock, these fun and durable teaching tools have been teacher and kid tested for more fun and smiles in every lesson. 

Includes teaching tips and flashcards for inspired vocal lessons!