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The new FULL VOICE Teacher Guide is a soft cover 7 x 10 full colour book with 102 pages of ideas, strategies and inspiration for the private voice teacher. It includes:   

  • simple and effective teaching strategies that you can use immediately.
  • helpful strategies for getting started with new students and first lessons.
  • multi-sensory warm-up activities for singers of all abilities.
  • MORE singing games for beginner singers to help develop independent singing skills from the very first lesson.
  • NEWFULL VOICE Small group lesson curriculum and planning.
  • NEW! Age appropriate repertoire recommendations for young singers.

Includes articles from expert voice teachers and music educators who love working with young singers. 

Understanding Vocal Anatomy: The Young Singing Larynx by Dana Lentini
Navigating Repertoire Challenges: Choosing Repertoire for Auditions by Nate Plummer
Learning new music: Tell the Story First by Donna Rhodenizer

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Kindle version (Print replica in English language) available July 7th 2018
(pre order now for immediate delivery) 

I have taught in public schools, private schools, and a home studio. Her tips are simple enough to implement after looking through the book one time! Nuggets of gold I tell ya! Gorgeous layout and thick pages for long-term use. ~ D. Swenson

International Teachers: The FULL VOICE Teacher Guide is available as a Kindle {Print Replica} version (in English Language).

Kindle version is available July 7th 2018 (preorder now)

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