Private Music Teacher Planner and Agenda $19.95

Now a 200 page, 8.5 x 11, soft cover book available on AMAZON ($19.99 US)

“This is a must have for any singing teacher, no matter how long you've been in the biz. I have a really heavy teaching schedule of both voice and piano students, and I tend to forget what homework I've assigned students or just get absent minded about planning for lessons in general. If you are craving organization in your teaching, this is the solution. It's easy to use, well laid out, and it doesn't feel like a chore to actually use the thing.” (5-star Amazon Review)

Friends and colleagues, confession time. I LOVE a new planner. A commitment to getting organized and finding inspiration and ideas for a new season of teaching.

It’s is a clean start.

I have invested in other famous planners (Passion Planner, The Daily Greatness Business Planner) and I have a collection of beautiful Moleskine and Leuchtturm notebooks for when I bullet journal or take notes for an online course. I found my organizational zen in using all of these, but there was always something missing for my busy teaching studio and keeping the unique details about my students in one place. (like what song they sang at last year’s recital and why they are going to miss the next lesson.)

Yes, I love technology, I use it everyday, but I will always prefer to grab my favorite superfine sharpie pen or my lucky 0.7 mechanical pencil and jot down notes on the fly.

This is a beautiful planner. There are bits of staff paper throughout, for writing exercises. There are a large number of student contact information sheets. There’s a page for planning at the beginning of the month, as well as one or two for reflection at the end of the month. It’s undated, so you don’t have to leave blank spaces for vacation weeks. I’m so excited to start the year with this. ~A. Black (five star Amazon Review)

What does it look like on the inside?

Simple, clean design ready for your studio success plan.
It includes music teacher planning pages for:

  • Professional development (workshops, seminars)

  • Studio events (recitals, festivals, exams)

  • Group lesson planner

  • Recital planners (2)

  • Student progress forms (40)

  • Student and family information

The agenda takes care of your teaching year with:

  • Undated monthly and weekly calendars (so you can start anytime of the year!)

  • Sunday to Saturday calendar format

  • Monthly overview planning (Looking ahead for your students)

  • Monthly review assessments (reflecting on student progress)

  • Weekly teaching to do lists and goal setting

I love this planner so much!! Recital pages, student info pages, calendar and and and! I think my favorite page is the “monthly review” page. So happy to have a planner that meets my personal and music studio needs. ~ K. Michaels (Five Star Amazon Review)