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I started using FULL VOICE with my private voice students a couple months ago.
I have taught beginning voice for many years and have used many different resources.
These workbooks explain things extremely well and my students love them! ~ T.Phillips

Nikki and Mim have created something truly outstanding with the Full Voice series-I am a total convert to these books and incorporating them into my lessons with my littles and beginner adults alike… The resources on the website-both free and for purchase-are tremendous, and I am more excited about my teaching than I have been in a long time. So happy to have found Full Voice! ~ J. Rhomphf Dennis

My super-adorable 9 yr-old was doing some of your tongue-twister warm-ups with me (we made up crazy tunes to go with the twisters which was double-fun). She was having a ball. Then we moved on to a couple of her repertoire pieces. She is always extra excited to sing songs, her favorite part of her lesson. After a couple of songs she asked... "Can we do some more of those exercises? I really like those!" (Um, YES. YES WE CAN!) 

My regionally famous young country star (age 20) has never had a music theory lesson in his life. Doesn't read a note or a rhythm on the page. Guess what we're doing for 10-15 min in each lesson now... yep, starting with the Intro level. Working together, page by page. And immediately applying the info to a song - with sheet music - I assigned him, as we go along. Your materials ain't just for wee ones. Turns out some "older ones" need to start at the very beginning too. ;-) 

I have a 15 yr-old who has been studying with me for nearly 5 yrs. She has always struggled a little bit with rhythm (particularly syncopation and such). I am now starting to incorporate some of your rhythm pages in lessons with her. Again... Full Voice for ALL ages! Love it. 

Thank you for what you do. You're helping all of us make a difference in the lives of students big and small! Kudos! ~ J. Cooper, Go DIVA productions, Maryland


I just started using The FULL VOICE Vocal Warm-ups for my young voice students and they love them! When I showed them to my 8-1/2 year old student she said "These are AMAZING!" ~ A. Barnshaw, Voice Teacher/Accompanist, Burlington, Ontario


I bought this (Vocal Warm Ups Activity Boards) and absolutely LOVE it! And so do my students. It's perfect! I also use the Full Voice workbooks and regularly listen to your podcast - it's really helped me in my business :) Amanda Finch Broadfoot, Creative director, Making Light Productions, Tallahassee, Florida


"...My workbooks arrived and I am browsing through them now and pleased so far that I made this personal investment. I started introducing the hand signs last week and the kids really like using them. Some even are going to "compose" using them... My voice students keep getting younger and this is their gateway music education experience..." ~ B. Yantz - California

"...Your work has been such a valuable resource to me. Before I have a new student purchase any repertoire, I have him/her purchase your book(s), and that's where we start each week. It makes such a difference for them, and it gets the lesson off to a positive, focused start. I've also gained so much from the podcast - tons of great advice and inspiration! Thank you for the important work you do--my sweet kiddos are learning so much..."
~C. Coffee Rondeau - Ohio

"My books arrived! Starting my kiddos next week. I am a 35 year veteran teacher and I wish I had written these.
Bravo and thank you! My students are loving having their very own workbook. I like that you relate the solfege to the keyboard. Every singer needs exposure to keyboard." ~ K. Lollar, Odessa, TX

" I like that it teaches the students how to read...taking it down to basic steps. Incorporating this for 5-10 minutes per week will greatly increase the music literacy of a vocal music program" ~ Christopher John Mientus - Beaver Dam Wisconsin


I think this is a fantastic series and I use it with my middle school (7th and 8th) chorus and my private voice studio. My chorus students complete it upon entering the classroom and it has really helped their music literacy. The progression is great, I haven’t found a literacy book that I like more. ~ C. Matula, Springfield, VA

"I have been looking for a while for a clearly laid out sight-reading curriculum for young voice students, so I am very happy to have found this series. My students enjoy the lesson layout and the workbook format. Great addition to my studio!" ~ V. Kieswetter


The Full Voice Workbooks are a hit with my students (and their parents!). Every one of my Voice Students uses a Full Voice Workbook. It is the first book we use at every lesson and allows my students to find their singing voice, warm up, get in touch with their breathing and focus! Being able to work on vocal technique with each student at their lesson using the Full Voice Workbooks, and having the exercises for the students to practice at home, makes teaching voice easy! It also helps prepare my students for the Ear Training and Sight Singing components of their Examinations. BONUS! I honestly do not know how I taught singing without these Workbooks! ~ Shelagh McKibbon-U'Ren RMT UMTC Executive Director - Ultimate Music Theory


"I really think they are quite wonderful, and so well laid out. I am happy with how you have included the hand sign pictures, the short sight reading exercises, and then introduce absolute note names. Congratulations on putting together such a wonderful method!" 
~ Diane Murray-Charret, Conductor Gaudeamus Choirs of Halton Hills

"These books are wonderful... The parents will feel that their child is getting more out of their lessons than their repertoire, and the teachers will have a solid sequence in which to help their students grow. But most obviously, the child will be able to see their accomplishments. These books have so much to offer." ~ Debbie Eismendi, Early Years Music Education, Winnipeg, Manitoba


The Full Voice series has been an invaluable tool. It lays things out in a clear, easily understood fashion, with a natural progression from topic to topic. I have used them with children, adults, and special needs students. All have benefited from the series and all feel more confident with their voices as a result. I wish I had them when I started singing!   Sarah McCully Singer-Songwriter/Vocal Coach Newmarket, Ontario


The Third Edition Full Voice books are awesome! The lessons are laid out well and it's great that they are amalgamated into one book for each level. Thank you for all your work on this and I look forward to using them...Debbie Scott, R.M.T. Brampton, Ontario

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This (podcast) made me ridiculously pumped about my first official recital as a teacher. Thank you (and your colleagues) for the excellent suggestions and tips about engaging the kids and families, and making things more fun and less... not  ~ Chelsea

Thank you for all these wonderful podcasts. They are great!! I'm going to use some of your helpful suggestions for recitals in my June concert! (Podcast #5: Hosting Great Recitals) ~ D. Scott