Kid and Teacher-tested Vocal Warm-Up Activities

Teacher Tip: Our young singers are visual learners. They need to SEE and hear the singing exercises. We use the tonic sol-fa (movable DO) system in our resources so our singers can better visualize notes and develop independent singing skills.

Sing & Sign Copy Cat

Activity: Teachers sings and signs three to five note patterns and students sing and sign back to the teacher.
Start with DO, RE, MI and move only in steps and repeated notes. Add triads and scales as the singer’s ability and confidence grows. This activity is done without the piano.


Benefit: The tonic sol-fa hand signs allows beginner students to sing unaccompanied, developing independent singing confidence and relative pitch. Do you have to use the hand signs? No, they are optional. Keep in mind, hand signs are super helpful for our young singers who NEED TO MOVE and can help singers match pitch.

We have free tonic sol-fa hand sign cards here They can be placed on a wall or door to make a fun activity station in your studio!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Once students are confident singing and signing the scale. Have students sing the sol-fa on the page. This is an introduction to reading music, but you don’t tell them that. Click the picture to download >>>>>

Why do you need a system for your young singers? Check out the FULL VOICE PODCAST # 52 Movable DO, fixed DO, numbers and letter names - OH MY!

Tongue Twisters

A voice studio favorite! Sure, they can make a student giggly, but tongue twisters are effective speaking exercises and a fun way to make students aware of the articulators. Super serious tweens and teenagers enjoy these too! (They will pretend that they don’t…but you may catch a smile)
Explore: Ask kiddos HOW we make specific sounds. (Then try the tongue twister)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Cut out the tongue twisters and place them in a jar or box so students have to reach in and pull out their tongue twister! Students will ask for this warm-up every week. (My tweens call it “Jar of Doom”.)



Music Score Exploration

A great warm-up includes learning about the music they are about to sing. This activity works well in private lessons and small group classes.

Try a “seek and find” game with the repertoire the students are working on. This will allow students to sing more confidently and learn the song quickly when they can follow the score. With this activity, students can explore and discover many new skills by:

  • reading the lyrics aloud

  • finding quarter, half, whole notes and rests

  • locating bars and bar numbers

  • listening to the piano part

  • clapping and moving to the beat of the music

  • learning short phrases with a call and answer with the teacher.


Now in a Book format

Vocal Warm-Ups and Technical Exercises for Kids includes:

  • tongue twisters

  • exploring vowel sounds

  • major and minor triads

  • major scales

  • minor scales

  • singing in steps and skips

  • Spooky vocal warm-ups (Halloween themed)

  • Holiday warm-ups (Christmas themed)

  • and More.

Student benefits:

Our young singers are often visual learners who are new to musical concepts on the staff. Allowing them to see the exercises in addition to hearing them, helps to keep them engaged and learning. 

Teacher benefits:

Better lesson pacing! Teachers can inject more music reading and ear training into the warm up part of the lesson. (Saving you hours of lesson planning!) 

Beginner and Intermediate challenges

Help your beginners with steps and skips. Introduce minors scales and chromatic challenges.


This resource includes a studio license so you can copy...forever!