"My books arrived! Starting my kiddos next week.
I am a 35 year veteran teacher and I wish I had written these.
Bravo and thank you!" ~ K. Lollar, Odessa, TX

The FULL VOICE Workbooks have been researched and developed for the young vocal student.  Every workbook includes, technical exercises, music theory, rhythm reading, ear-training, sight singing, performance assessments and MORE!  FULL VOICE WORKBOOKS are a comprehensive, all-in-one musical supplement for your repertoire studies.


Full Voice Workbook Overviews at a Glance

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Introductory Level
(Previously Early Beginner)

Recommended for grades 1-2/ Ages 5-7
This level was specifically developed for young students ages 5-7 who are brand new to music lessons. Concepts are introduced slowly with plenty of review. There are many different types of activities that encourage young students to build their confidence in the private vocal lesson.

  • introduction to tonic sol-fa

  • introduction to reading and writing notes

  • clapping and counting basic rhythms

  • singing steps and skips

15.95 16.95

Level One

Recommended for Ages 8 and up For students who have completed the Introductory Level; for students age 8 and up who have introductory music experience (private, classroom, or choral); for older students who are new to music lessons. Level One reviews introductory musical concepts and introduces elementary level music theory. This level includes:

  • review/intro to tonic sol-fa

  • review/introduction to basic music notation

  • basic rhythm reading

  • musical terms and symbols

  • introduction to ear training

  • introduction to sight singing in C major

15.95 16.95

Level Two

For dedicated students who have completed Level One; for students with previous music experience who are confident counting eighth notes and sight singing in C Major. Level Two continues to encourage confident, independent singing skills. This level reviews musical concepts introduced in Level One and introduces sight singing in F and G major.

  • introduction to ledger lines

  • introduction to dotted note rhythms

  • semitone, whole tones and enharmonic equivalents

  • introduction to the chromatic scale

15.95 16.95

Level Three

For hard working singers who have completed Level Two or for students with previous music experience who are confident counting dotted quarter notes, singing and identifying intervals, and sight singing in F and G Major. Level Three introduces sight singing in D Major.

  • introduction to singing minor scales

  • introduction to sixteenth notes

  • introduction to sixteenth and eighth note groupings

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