Hi! My name is Nikki, and I love sharing great ideas, inspiration and modern resources with my colleagues. 
I have two exciting and timely workshops - details below. Please contact me for details about how to bring these teacher workshops to your branch or area. 
(I am on the ORMTA 2017 Professional Development Clinician List) 


Teaching Websites and Using Social Media to Promote Your Teaching Studio

Time: 2 Hours
Materials: (handouts) included


This is a two part workshop looking at the important online business tools that are essential for all business minded music professionals. 

1. Teaching Websites
In the first part, we will discuss the important information that visitors are looking for when they search for a music teacher online. This workshop will ensure your website will be an effective marketing tool.

2. Social Media
Online sharing has changed the way businesses connect with their customers. Private music teachers can greatly benefit from the effective use of social media. In this workshop you will learn how to connect with students, families, colleagues and support your professional associations. ORMTA Branches will learn how to engage their members and promote our organization (ORMTA) with a simple media campaign. Handout materials included. 

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Working with Young Singers in Private Vocal Lessons

Time: 1.5 hours

Young singers ages 5 & 6 are ready for private voice lessons. Are you ready for them? This workshop discusses the amazing opportunity in welcoming young singers into your teaching studio and how to provide a well paced, fun and comprehensive vocal music curriculum for this age group.